Saturday, December 24, 2011


Merry Christmas, everyone!

Over the past week or so, I've had strep throat (insert picture of adorable girl crying). It was pretty killer, as I've had to babysit for 2 days, shopping for 2 days, and sitting in the living room being a wimp. As it is, I'm recovering, but not out of the woods yet. Wish me luck!

Tonight, a friend was hosting a kind've 'get together' with her family, and various friends. Every year, she hosts a small party, with friends coming in through-out the day to talk, meet up with their family, have some food, share a few laughs, and play a few games. I went there tonight, and it was quite a bit of fun. This was the first X-mas I've ever really talked to and seen friends over the holidays, and I really enjoyed that. Have to do it more often... :)

I'm really hoping everyone has a Merry X-mas, and a Happy New Year. (Don't get too drunk.)


  1. hoes hoes hoes. boats n mothafuckin hoes

  2. メリ クリスマス! 私もとうほうが好きですよ。

  3. Merry XMas my good man, hope the day is going well!