Tuesday, December 27, 2011

GoDaddy Changed their Minds.

Thanks Sona, in the previous post's comment section.,news-13664.html

Seems that one of the most popular domain name registrar, GoDaddy, has finally resigned their support to the SOPA bill. This was done after losing 70,000+ domain names due to the posts via reddit, and

GoDaddy has been a huge supporter of the SOPA bill, as it is an advocate against piracy and 'support and stability of the internet', but soon changed it's stance as it found out what kind of impact it had on their company.

It's quite unfortunate really, as the actions and response of the company has seemed to be more "damage control, more than a change in heart" - Tom's Guide

Monday, December 26, 2011

GoDaddy... Breaking the law to keep their business.

Oh Goodness.

Looks like GoDaddy dun goofed yet again. GoDaddy had been an open supporter of the SOPA bill since it had gone in for voting, and due to it, have now lost over 70,000 domain names to competitors in the process. GoDaddy attempted to reduce the amount of transfers by returning incomplete WhoIs information to competitors, delaying the transfer process. As it is, this is an illegal practice under ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), and as such eventually gave in to releasing the information that was supposed to rightly be released.

Sunday, December 25, 2011


For those that love dubstep, here's a little treat.

If you don't like dubstep, then please... go back to your classical, and stop hating on the community that does. I'd rather not live in a world of conformity.

GoDaddy is going 'NoDaddy'!

Over the course of the week, just over 21,000 domain names switched out from GoDaddy, as the aforementioned company had given their support to the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) bill.

When Reddit's community came onto the fact that GoDaddy supported this (ludicrous) bill, They began to boycott. It led to the founding of Boycott GoDaddy, a site to amass the disapproval of the company, and their anti-internet stances.

What'd you get for Christmas?

Once again, Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you're having a Happy Holidays so far. :)
(If you are offended by Merry Christmas, you can leave and never come back. Obviously, you don't understand the implications of the tradition behind Christmas, and have to be a jack*ss about it to everyone else.)

I've finally gotten to the point where I'm in the holiday spirit, and it's a great feeling. Too bad it isn't a white Christmas over here... but who cares, when you've got friends and family coming over to cause a house fire! :D

Saturday, December 24, 2011


Merry Christmas, everyone!

Over the past week or so, I've had strep throat (insert picture of adorable girl crying). It was pretty killer, as I've had to babysit for 2 days, shopping for 2 days, and sitting in the living room being a wimp. As it is, I'm recovering, but not out of the woods yet. Wish me luck!

Tonight, a friend was hosting a kind've 'get together' with her family, and various friends. Every year, she hosts a small party, with friends coming in through-out the day to talk, meet up with their family, have some food, share a few laughs, and play a few games. I went there tonight, and it was quite a bit of fun. This was the first X-mas I've ever really talked to and seen friends over the holidays, and I really enjoyed that. Have to do it more often... :)

I'm really hoping everyone has a Merry X-mas, and a Happy New Year. (Don't get too drunk.)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Schoooooooools out! for... WINTER!!!!


So far, its been a pretty great day. Our school provided a breakfast (Nom Bacon), and during our break we got timbits, chili, tons of chips, and pop provided by the teachers for the grad class.

Not sure what I plan to do for the rest of the day, but right now I'm really enjoying myself... Might have to break out the snuggie.

Limited Edition Skins... Not so Limited.

League of Legends 'Limited Edition' Skins are really, Legacy Skins.

Reading up on the forums, I came by a post asking if limited edition skins would be available at a later date. (There was a huge controversy over this when the Riot Singed skin was released numerous times) A Red (Riot Employee) posted saying that they become 'Legacy Skins', meaning they can/may release those skins at a later date, which nearly defeats the purpose of having the skins 'limited'.

I've never bought a limited edition skin myself, but this turns me off from buying any limited editions from their store. ever. Granted, I still might check out their merch shop, who doesnt want a 'I survived Annie Bot' shirt?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Rig. Huehuehue.

So, what kind of rig do you own?

How much did it cost you?

Is it worth it? I was just wondering, I have this bad*ss config.
Bought 7 years ago...

AMD athlon x2 2.4Ghz
320GB 5400 RPM hard drive
2GB DDR2 Ram
Geforce GT 520

Yeah. I run Skyrim/Dead Island/Left 4 Dead on that.

That sexy beast.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas shopping!

Well, that was a fun weekend. I got my Secret Santa a Pig Pillow Pet :D (PPP)

Over the weekend, I went out shopping, browsed local stores, clawed at the $10 bioshock games, Went into the scent heaven of Bath and Body Works, found out what 'Winter Glow and Magic' smells like, and got an ugly X-mas sweater for a sort of event happening at my school.

Also decorated my tree. Yay. I'm still not even done my X-mas shopping, and I ran out of money... Anyone know where I can make fast cash? That's preferably not illegal... xP I need to get some bath stuff, a coat, and one of those old ipod shuffles. you know, the ones that look like a white flash drive.

I've been looking around, and I think Im going to pick up either one of these plushies. pretty cheap off ebay... DOWANT.

Anyways, I'm going to go figure out how to stea- I mean... find... money...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Steam is one of the go-to places for PC gaming, as they have nearly every single PC title available (with exception to EA games's, as they now have their own platform to compete with Steam's)

Bastion, $4.99 USD, Soundtrack Edition for $8.23 USD

This is apparently one of the best-valued games according to a friend, and it makes you cry at the end. (<3 Sona)

Anyways, if you want some good deals on games, check out They have games from tons of different services, all with the ability to activate on Steam.

Bad Apple Screensaver + Download + Video!

Little ol' me browsing the internet usually consists of browsing the League of Legends forums, watching YouTube videos (EpicMealTime ftw) or looking up tweaks I could make for my computer.

This little feature astounded me a few months back.

This is the 'Touhou Bad Apple!! PV "Screensaver Style"【東方】', displaying the fan-made Bad Apple video from youtube, right on your desktop.

In order to install, you could go to the videos page where a top rated comment guides you through the install. If you don't want to go there...

1. Download the .rar file from here;
2. Extract the file using Winrar, 7zip, or your favorite file (de)compression program.
3. Open the folder where you extracted the files, and right click BadApple.scr
4. Locate the .mp3 file in the folder
5. Close the Configuration, Right Click BadApple.scr, select install

For Windows XP
1. Right-click your desktop, Go to Properties
2. Select the Screensaver tab
3. Select the screensaver, apply, and wait for your masterpiece :D

For Windows Vista/7
1. Right-click your desktop, Choose Personalization
2. Choose Screensaver
3. Select the screensaver, Ok,  and wait for your masterpiece. :D

For those who haven't seen the original video, its quite a delight to watch. It showcases most, if not all (I haven't watched in great detail, I kinda just half-drooled at its epicness.) of the characters in the games.

Enjoy watching, and enjoy the screensaver!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I started Skyrim...

~*-Spoiler Alert-*~*-Skyrim-*~

'Skyrim.' Province of the Land of Tamriel, and Set 200 years after 'Oblivion.' The story revolves around the rise of dragons after they were defeated centuries previous, and how you, the main character, and the last 'Dovahkiin' (Dragonborn) was the only one who could stop them from ruling again.

Screw that, I want to have some fun.

This game is UNREAL. I haven't played Oblivion or Morrowind before, but that doesn't matter. This is a brand new experience to me, and I can't believe the work that's been put in, the beauty of its landscape, the details put into each quest. This hand-crafted world has surprised me to no end, as every single time I play for a session, I find something new that has fixated me into playing for even longer.

As I was hiking up to the peak of the Throat of the World (Past the Greybeards) I coincidently did it at night.

I couldn't believe my eyes.

This is a picture off Google, but it does the scenery no justice, as it was absolutely mystifying. I sat fixated for at least 10 minutes, looking at every part of the sky, and watching in awe at the dynamic landscape, and the complexity of it.

Anyways, I need to get back to playing this, as I've been sitting jittery just thinking about having another go at it. Later!


First Post! I'm pretty new with the whole blogging scene, so bear with me as I begin to learn all about it.

Allow me to introduce myself... Well, you don't really have a choice what I say, and you can just skip this introduction stuff to get to the actual part of the Blog. To start, I'll just say my alias is Destinx, no more. Maybe once I've gotten into this and start to understand what this is all about, I'll say a bit more. :) This blog will be about gaming, Tech News, and the occasional Touhou post here or there, as I love the games/community behind it.