Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bad Apple Screensaver + Download + Video!

Little ol' me browsing the internet usually consists of browsing the League of Legends forums, watching YouTube videos (EpicMealTime ftw) or looking up tweaks I could make for my computer.

This little feature astounded me a few months back.

This is the 'Touhou Bad Apple!! PV "Screensaver Style"【東方】', displaying the fan-made Bad Apple video from youtube, right on your desktop.

In order to install, you could go to the videos page where a top rated comment guides you through the install. If you don't want to go there...

1. Download the .rar file from here;
2. Extract the file using Winrar, 7zip, or your favorite file (de)compression program.
3. Open the folder where you extracted the files, and right click BadApple.scr
4. Locate the .mp3 file in the folder
5. Close the Configuration, Right Click BadApple.scr, select install

For Windows XP
1. Right-click your desktop, Go to Properties
2. Select the Screensaver tab
3. Select the screensaver, apply, and wait for your masterpiece :D

For Windows Vista/7
1. Right-click your desktop, Choose Personalization
2. Choose Screensaver
3. Select the screensaver, Ok,  and wait for your masterpiece. :D

For those who haven't seen the original video, its quite a delight to watch. It showcases most, if not all (I haven't watched in great detail, I kinda just half-drooled at its epicness.) of the characters in the games.

Enjoy watching, and enjoy the screensaver!

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