Tuesday, December 27, 2011

GoDaddy Changed their Minds.

Thanks Sona, in the previous post's comment section.,news-13664.html

Seems that one of the most popular domain name registrar, GoDaddy, has finally resigned their support to the SOPA bill. This was done after losing 70,000+ domain names due to the posts via reddit, and

GoDaddy has been a huge supporter of the SOPA bill, as it is an advocate against piracy and 'support and stability of the internet', but soon changed it's stance as it found out what kind of impact it had on their company.

It's quite unfortunate really, as the actions and response of the company has seemed to be more "damage control, more than a change in heart" - Tom's Guide


  1. Still dislike godaddy... Snakelike jerks

  2. Haha serves them right for going against the people of the internet, you just cant win.

  3. Lol, That's what they get. They had to have known it would happen... im sure they wont get those costumers back either.

  4. That's a good thing. People should learn about SOPA and its impact on internet privacy.

  5. Well I'm glad I've never used GoDaddy.